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Earthquake Answers

Image: San Andreas Fault, Wrightwood, CA

Image Credit: Robert Leeper


Earthquake Answers

People in southern California commonly have questions about earthquakes and earthquake preparedness and planning. The abundance of publicly available information on the subjects can make it difficult to process and know what and how to implement. We strive to help southern California residents and businesses better understand and prepare for earthquakes. Our goal is to disseminate earthquake Knowledge, facilitate preparedness Action and improve Resilience.

Our approach


Our approach

We believe that the more earthquake knowledge you have the more likely you are to prepare. We conduct on-site earthquake safety evaluations and preparedness and planning consultations, provide non-technical explanations of earthquake science, and we help you understand publicly available earthquake hazard information that is specific to your residential or business location.

What to expect

On-site evaluations and consultations consist of a non-invasive walkthrough to identify objects in living/working spaces that may become hazardous during earthquakes. Basic earthquake principles (non-technical explanations of earthquake science) and earthquake safety planning (where to shelter during an earthquake, etc.) are explained and our recommended actions to prepare/secure your space for earthquakes are discussed. Within five days of the consultation, our clients receive a customized report detailing the recommended actions that they can take to prepare for earthquakes. We also offer our clients the opportunity to have us schedule and perform the work recommended for increased earthquake safety. This critical action service is performed by licensed professionals and provides a way for our clients to prepare and increase their earthquake resilience without having to do the work themselves, and it gives them peace of mind knowing the work is done professionally. We also offer a customized path toward achieving earthquake readiness with personalized preparedness plans and supplies. 

If you would like to improve your earthquake Knowledge and take preparedness Action to increase your earthquake Resilience, please reach out to us.